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The D-TECII Telemetry Controller is a GSM, Cellular network based data acquisition unit.

Dev I.T. 485 Convertor

RS485 to USB converter with optional external power feeds.

Dev I.T. I-Relay

Multi-IO, Programmable
Dual-Relay Controller.

Dev I.T. USB I-Relay

USB Dual-Relay Controller.

MoodLights utilizes the I/O controller and some additional hardware (RGB Controllers) to allow CIS to interact with lighting.


IO Controller, Expansions and Peripherals

IO Controller
The IO-Controller is an expandable, network enabled (10/100 Ethernet) Input / Output Controller.
IO Expansions
Require more outputs? Expand your IO Controller to up to 32 outputs with our expansion options.
IO Peripherals

Devices that are designed to run on the IO Controller RS485 port. Control your serial Devices Via the IO Controller over Ethernet.