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WAS (Waiter Alert System)

The primary function of the Waiter Alert System (WAS) is to speed up the food and beverage ordering process from a customer perspective resulting in higher service levels at Casinos.



A Waiter Alert Terminal is placed at the edge of each slots bank allowing the Waitron to see which seats require service and how an order is progressing. 

The WAS terminal will lead the user through the process of placing and closing an order with instructions on the display.  Some of the basic operations are the following:

Once the guest has placed an order, the green light at the top of the pole will switch on.  Each light indicates the time a guest has been waiting for service and is configurable by management.  For example, the green light will indicate that the guest has been waiting for less than 2 minutes, Yellow 5 minutes and Red more than 8 minutes.

In the example above the following can be seen:

  • The Customer on seat 01 has called a waiter less than two minutes ago, but has not yet been served.
  • The customer on seat 05 has placed an order with the waiter called Paul and has been waiting for less than 6 minutes.