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Pro-Weigh is a weigh-bridge control system that interfaces to virtually any weighbridge equipment.


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Pro-Weigh is a weigh-bridge control system that interfaces to virtually any weighbridge equipment.
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The Pro-Weigh system was originally designed as a DOS based system in 1992.

In 1998 the system was totally rewritten to run on the Microsoft Windows platform. During this rewrite all the core functionality and easy of use, of the DOS system was retained, and a lot of additional functionality was incorporated into the system.

The current version of the system is 2.6 with new releases every 6 to 12 months. The latest enhancement in version 2.6 was the addition of functionality, to allow the use of a standard length weighbridge to do individual axle weighing.

The Standard Pro-Weigh system caters from most clients’ needs. If a client has a specific requirement the system can be customised to provide than need.

The following are a few typical customisations.

  • Integration with Financial systems. (Ex. The Weighbridge tickets are automatically invoiced)

  • Custom Reports and Graphs (The system has an Export to Excel function that caters for most custom reports)

  • Custom data fields and operator checks. When additional information on the Weighbridge tickets is required, and additional checks are needed to ensure that the system operator follows the correct business processes. (Ex. The operator has to get a supervisor authorisation, if the transaction mass varies by more than 5% with the load sheets)

The Pro-Weigh system is sold, installed and supported by registered vendors. These vendors are in most cases also the suppliers and maintainers of the Weighbridge equipment.

These vendors are skilled in providing the customers with first line support services.

Dev InfoTec provides clients and vendors with second level support. Dev InfoTec has an online web support centre and telephone help desk. (Help desk only available during normal business hours).  Integration services are provided by our on site where required.

The Pro-Weigh system is actively used by more than 50 clients in South Africa.

Samancor : A large producer and refiner of Manganese related products.

Samancor Rail : A railway installation of the Pro-Weigh system.

Collect a Can  : A recycling plant for used tin cans, using a small scale (<5 Ton) version of the Pro-Weigh system.

Sasol Wax : A producer of Wax products from Petroleum.

Iscor : The largest steel producer in South Africa.

Pyramid : An Abattoir.

Trichard Crushers : Crushers of Stone for road and other building projects.

Nkomazi Scrap : a Scrap Metal Yard.