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Pro-Weigh is a weigh-bridge control system that interfaces to virtually any weighbridge equipment.

Overview | Features





  • Intuitive user interface

Operators easily learn how to use the system

  • Mandatory Fields

Sound weighbridge business rules enforced.

  • Automatic reading of WeighBridge Mass

Vehicle mass typing mistakes and fraudulent mass input restricted.

  • Different User Levels and expiring passwords

Ensures that only users with the correct authority are allowed to make changes to restricted information.

Full Accounting and Audit ability of user transactions.

  • Secure Database

Data cannot be modified by external users or programs without authentication, thus ensuring the integrity of the data.

  • Microsoft Access Database

No additional database licences required

  • Backup and Restore Functions

Allow the operators to make regular backups, which can be stored off site.

  • Configurable Mass Interface

Can be interfaced to most RS232 Mass Indicators

  • Unlimited Master files

Master files can contain an unlimited amount of entries.

Users cannot enter incorrect Customer, Product or Transported data, as these lists are standardised.

  • Standard Database ODBC Interface

Master Table Data can easily be imported into the ProWeigh Database using 3rd party tools us custom applications.

Weighbridge transaction data can be interfaced to external applications and financial systems.

  • All built in reports designed in Crystal Report Writer

By purchasing the Crystal report tool, users can modify the standard reports to cater for their exact requirements.

Additional reports can be written using the same tool.

  • Report Export to standard formats.

All reports can be exported into for instance MS Excel and graphs and trends plotted.

  • System supports 2 weighbridges

Only one PC and operator can manage both an IN and OUT weighbridge. (Staff and Capital Expense Savings)

  • Multiple Copies of Tickets

Instead of using expensive triplicate paper on a dot matrix printer, a laser printer can print multiple copies.

  • Network Enabled

Multiple Weighbridges can be linked together so that a Vehicle entering through one gate and leaving through another is still tracked with full auditing.

  • Network Printing Enabled

Weighbridge tickets can be printed at once central location.

Debtors Department immediately receive notification to begin Invoicing.

Security Department will allow the vehicle to leave the premises, as they have received printed authorisation.

  • Weighbridge Tickets and Reports can be viewed on screen before printing.

Paper cost can be saved by only printing information when required. Reports can be directly e-mailed.

  • Supports Tarred Vehicles. Vehicles with a Tare Mass can be saved on the system.

Less vehicle traffic on the IN weighbridge as a lot of the vehicles already have a first mass.

  • Supports Vehicles with Printed Tares. For instance Railway trucks that have a printed empty mass on the side. And Container Vehicles.

Only one Weighbridge needed as only outgoing traffic is weighed.

  • Option for Linked Weighing. Trucks that together with their trailers are longer than the Weighbridge.

A shorter weighbridge can be used to weigh long vehicles. Massive saving on weighbridge capital expenditure and maintenance costs.

  • Axle weighing on a full length Weighbridge.

No need for separate axle weighbridge.

Vehicles are not overloaded on any axle and will not be fined by the road authorities for over weight axles.

Vehicles last longer and have less maintenance cost due to properly distributed loads.

  • Unique Transaction Numbers and Date and Time stamp for all transactions

Auditable Transaction Tracking

  • Support for Multiple products and Customers on one Weighbridge Ticket.

Only on Weighbridge Ticket per Vehicle.

  • Calculation of mass difference to load sheet, or order sheet.

Optional acceptance by a supervisor level users.

System show the difference in actual measured mass to the mass as specified on the order or load sheets.

Incorrect dispatches are identified before the Vehicle leaves the premises.

  • Optional Link to CCTV cameras. Pictures of the Front, Back and Top of the Vehicle can be saved in the Database.

Security can easily verify if a vehicle was positioned correctly on the weighbridge and can (depending on the product) determine how much and what product was loaded.

Disputes with suppliers, customers and transporters can be solved with photographic proof.