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MTS (Magic Tables System) is a comprehensive and feature rich Table Management System consisting of various software components to achieve a complete view of the tables environment, from accounting to surveillance.

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CIS (Customer Info System)

CIS is a media display system that allows complete flexibility for the way media and data is displayed.

MTS (Magic Tables System)

This system manages financials, player tracking and bonus features on tables in a casino.

FireFly Web-Based Mining Solution
The brand new Firefly range of Time and Access products includes one of the most advanced functionality available.



Empower is designed to bring extra efficiency to HR and Payroll service delivery.

Info Kiosk

View slots results, purchase draw tickets, view map and details.


Pro-Weigh is a weigh-bridge control system that interfaces to virtually any weighbridge equipment.
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Able to run stand-alone, or as an integrated product, MTS was designed to be fast and easy to use. Transactions are captured on a touch screen PC mounted on the side of the gaming table. Average buy-in transactions can be captured with only three touches of the screen.

MTS cover all aspects of table management including accounting, player tracking, asset management, analytical reporting, security, basic CRM functionality, junkets and more.
MTS integrates seamlessly with CIS resulting in great table displays and allowing bonus features, even on card tables.

  • Multi-language
  • Fast player tracking
  • Full view of guest activities
  • Game speed analysis
  • Comp accounting
  • Asset tracking
  • Pit boss control application
  • Surveillance applications
  • Collusion reporting
  • Automatic markers
  • Automatic headcounts
  • Cash desk and count
  • Waiter call
  • Integration into CIS
  • Custom bonus games

  • Integration to casino management software and existing hardware such as wheel readers and chipping machines is easily achieved. MTS already supports integration with a host of well known wheel readers, chipping machines, electronic card shoes and more.

    Management gets up to the minute information of all activity on the tables through the pit boss application and comprehensive reports. Built on years of experience, each report adds value and allows the streamlining of your business based on real values and trends.

    Standard reports that ship with MTS cover all aspect of table accounting (opener, closer, fills, credits and chip exchange), player tracking, wheel and game analysis, collusion tracking, dealer analysis and more.

    The MTS asset tracking module sends automated messages alerting staff of services, balancing, and asset retirement.