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MTS (Magic Tables System)

Magic Tables System is the collective name for a suite of software products, interfaces, communications tools and web services to manage casino tables accounting.


Introduction | Components | Architecture


There are nine components in the MTS suite of products. These are:

mtc MTC (Magic Tables Control)
This product is the most prominent in the suite as it defines the rest of the system. MTC is used to capture all data required to perform other functions such as tables accounting and player tracking. MTC Features.
mtcLite MTCLite
This is a lower-end product for tables where player tracking is not required, but the financials are. MTCLite can run several tables of one terminal and is a low-cost tables financials capturing system. The product is developed in C# and requires the .NET framework to run.

MCC (Magic Cashdesk Control)
This product is used for all cash desk functions when a Casino Management System is not present or interfaced.  It handles the following primary functions:

  • Location Open
  • Process Fills/Credits/Chip Exchange
  • Printing of various documents
  • Cash-up
  • Location close
mtsWebReports MTSWebReports

A web-based reporting and management tool that controls all of the MTC features.

mtsTrap MTSTrap
A utility that runs in surveillance that uses text-to-speech technology to audibly alert surveillance staff of events that occurs on the tables. 
resultViewer ResultViewer
A utility that runs in surveillance that displays the last winning results for each table.  Include information like wheel speed for each spin.
tcsReader TCSReader
The hardware interface for all TCS/Huxley hardware.  This is currently used primarily for reading numbers from the wheel (int the case of the Saturn wheel) or wheel reader.
cisRelay CISRelay
This is the communications hub for MTS and CIS.  All messages get sent through the relay and are then distributed to displays, surveillance, bars, etc.
The relay is already used for the CIS solution.
The interface between MTS and CMS.  This has been developed as a web-service for added stability.