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Wireless RGB LED Controller

Addressable IO-Port

  • Multi-Function serial adaptor
  • Addressable on a RS485 Network
  • Functions

    • RS485 to RS485 & RS232
    • RS232 to RS485
    • USB to RS485
    • USB to RS232
Product Code: IO_04

Wireless Addressable IO-Port

  • Wireless serial data transceiver with a RS485 serial interface
  • Device can operate as either Master or Slave (Transmitter / Receiver)
  • Wireless frequency operates between 840Mhz to 930Mhz
  • +-30m range indoors, 300m outdoors and up to 1Km with directional Antenna
  • 15 Selectable wireless channels
  • Master Functions

    • RS485 to Wireless
    • USB to Wireless
  • Slave Functions

    • Wireless to RS485
    • Addressable via dip switches

Product Code: IO_05

Wireless RGB LED Controller

The Wireless RGB LED Controller is designed to control RGB lighting systems. It is updated serially with a sequence of colours that it continuously loops(eg. Red to Green to Blue) with the ability to fade/switch between colours.
The device can be updated via RS485, USB or Wirelessly using our Wireless Addressable IO-Port.

    • Addressable via dip switches
    • 15 Selectable wireless channels
    Product Code: IO_06
» Hardware

IO Controller

The IO-Controller is an expandable, network enabled (10/100 Ethernet) Input / Output Controller

IO Expansions
Require more outputs? Expand your IO Controller to up to 32 outputs with our expansion options.
IO Peripherals (This page)
Devices that are designed to run on the IO Controller RS485 port. Control your serial Devices Via the IO Controller over Ethernet.