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IO Controller Expansions

Relay Output Expander Relay Output Expander
  • Expand your IO Controller with 8 normally-open relay contacts
  • Capable of switching 250VAC and up to a maximum of 10A
  • Suitable for low frequency switching applications eg. Switching on pumps / lights etc...

Product Code: IO_03
Opto-Isolated MOSFET Output Expander
Opto-Isolated MOSFET Output Expander
  • Expand your IO-Controller with 8 normally-open, isolated MOSFET relays
  • Capable of switching a maximum of 60VAC or DC at a continuous load of 500mA
  • Isolated to withstand up to 2500VAC, to prevent damage to Controller
  • Suitable for low or high frequency switching applications eg. Flashing lights / Audio signals etc...
Product Code: IO_02
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IO Controller

The IO-Controller is an expandable, network enabled (10/100 Ethernet) Input / Output Controller

IO Expansions (This page)
Require more outputs? Expand your IO Controller to up to 32 outputs with our expansion options.
IO Peripherals
Devices that are designed to run on the IO Controller RS485 port. Control your serial Devices Via the IO Controller over Ethernet.