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FireFly Z-Tech Quarter Lock Turnstile

The revolutionary new FireFly Z-Tech Quarter Lock Turnstile system resolves all the inherent security issues that are common to conventional turnstiles and access cubicles.

The concept was tested exhaustively over a period of three years and adopted as a company standard by a leading South African mining house.

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Dev I.T. adopted an integrated holistic systems approach in the development of the high quality FireFly Z-Tech Quarter Lock Turnstile system.

Key design issues found in conventional turnstiles are resolved as follows:

  • The turnstile cannot be breached by climbing through, upwards or over any part of the unit in idle or during operating mode.
  • Restricted space allows only a single person to enter and restricts the possibility of 2 persons attempting to breach the barrier in vertical or side by side position.
  •  The overall size of the solution is similar to conventional single turnstiles. This allows for the conventional in line stacking of units.
  • A double secure lockable lid eliminates tampering with the mechanism and wiring.
  • Optional uniquely keyed mechanical override keys enhance security.
  • Alarms when unit is unlocked and used.
  • The Posi-Lock® feature enables the electronic identification of a person when the mechanism is securely locked and in place. The identification logic is disabled when the rotor is in any other position.
  • The Reader and biometrics when enabled are not accessible from the outside, ensuring accurate user identification & verification.
  • Battery back-up is incorporated.

The proven FireFly Z-Tech Quarter Lock Turnstile saves you money:

  • Employs a single Reader and biometrics.
  • Bidirectional operation – saves space and enhances people flow.
  • Eliminates “airlocks” – two unidirectional turnstiles forming a sterile area.
  • Creates an easily manageable high security area.
  • An exceptionally difficult barrier to breach.
  • More effective security – reduces the security guard headcount.
  • The continuous available and secure FireFly system executes business rules meticulously under all conditions – no work stoppages as the result of the breaching health and safety rules.
  • Existing installed single spindle turnstiles can be converted to FireFly Z-Tech Quarter Lock Turnstiles.
  • A generous trade in policy for selective brands of turnstiles reduces the costs of conversion. 

Why waste your money purchasing a conventional turnstile that is not designed to be a secure barrier? The FireFly Z-Tech Quarter Lock Turnstile System is a secure barrier. It eliminates fraudulent clocking. It applies health and safety rules consistently. It keeps vagrants on the outside. High level security can be achieved without employing an army of security personnel.

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Firefly Reader Terminal controls the operation of the turnstile as well as all biometrics, card reading and keypad operations.
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