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FireFly Time Application

FireFly Time Application is a widely used, field proven time and job management tool that condenses decades of experience into an extremely versatile and user friendly package. It integrates seamlessly with FireFly Web Servers and terminals.

Enterprise Version

    The Enterprise version caters for:
    • Mining applications
    • Shaft Clear reports
    • Parading/Messages
    • Daily/Monthly time sheets
    • Health and safety expiry date checking and stopping
  • Unlimited shifts, rosters patterns and users.
  • Many additional reports, including HR reports.


Access Control

  • Maintains access areas.
  • Defines up to 32 FireFly Web Servers.
  • Defines up to 32 FireFly terminals on each Web Server as well as optional FingerMagic or Fingerprint biometrics readers.
  • Supports fingerprint biometrics operating in Verify, Identify or both modes simultaneously.
  • Maintains shift, tea and lunch breaks time enunciator tables.
  • Gate Control blocks selected or all badge holders at turnstiles and clock stations between specified times.


  • Allows branches to locally edit data and approve time and overtime worked for employees working at a branch, using a central database.
  • Edit and report views are limited to branch employees only.
Job Clocking
  • Terminals can be multipurpose or dedicated to Job Clocking.
  • Job Clocking can be run independent of Time Recording or be controlled by Time On and OFF clocking as well.
  • Maintains Job/Step parameters
  • Links employees to Jobs.
  • Calculate job time, cost, idle time and idle costs.
  • Jobs may be recorded at desk top work stations to record job and step times for white collar employees.
  • Prints bar coded job cards to facilitate error free event capture on the shop floor.

Time Recording


  • Up to 99 shifts can be built - Each shift describes the work day with start and end times and maximum durations. The employees’ clock transactions will be used to calculate the daily times worked according to the shift parameters.
  • Shifts are linked by defining a roster that spans several weeks.
  • Maintenance of Work Groups (Departments)
  • Maintenance of a Public Holiday calendar.
  • Daily Time worked, calculated according to the Roster and Shift setups
  • Recalculation of times worked usually required if parameters are wrong i.e. missing Public Holiday.
  • An employee’s shift roster can be overwritten for a specified day (individual roster).
  • Allocate employees globally to a new shift for a specified date.
  • Load future dated shifts.
  • Prints ID labels for Employees, Visitors and Temporary badges.
  • Custom ID Badge label Template layouts.
  • Allows allocation of temporary badges to employees (lost badges).

  • Creates payroll export files using the calculated times worked and authorised. The following payroll files are supported by the application:
    • Pay Administrator
    • SoftwareFarm
    • Pastel
    • V.I.P.
    • Text File
    • Excel File
    • CSV
  • Globally clock employees ON/OFF. Used during labour disputes.

The system is shipped with tons of reports. Some of the standard reports are:
  • Employee allocated times for a specified period with totals of hours authorised for payment.
  • Monthly timesheet for each employee.
  • Employee clock transactions for a specified period.
  • Latecomers, early leavers and absences for a specified period.
  • Overtime worked.
  • A week at a time view allows for rapid overtime adjustments and approvals.
  • List all rosters, shifts and shift parameters.

Simplified audit report of all changes done to system data.