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FireFly Standard Reader

Rugged general purpose online terminal that can be used for multiple applications.




Designed to capture transactions using any combinations of the following inputs:

  • Keypad

  • Badge/Token reader

  • HID®, Impro® and Wiegand® interface compatible decoders

  • Mifare® read/write badges and token support

  • Biometrics support

  • Auxiliary inputs attach barcode scanners, scales, R/F tokens etc.

  • Sensor inputs

  • Outputs to:

    • Display

    • Beeper

  • Serial output devices

  • Mifare® badge/token

  • Relays


Sense and report on changes of monitored external devices

Provide 'plc' functionality for access, traffic and other devices

Support badge and token recovery drops


Attaches biometrics devices:

Firefly Finger Magic verifier


Firefly fingerprint identification and/or verification
Monitors external mains power and battery supplies

Rugged, durable steel enclosure
Low power consumption designed to operate using a 12vdc battery supply

Easy to install

Replacement by Supervisor or office staff
Optional package without keyboard, display and lamps for an Access only terminal environment 

Power:  12Vdc  140 ma maximum.
Environment:  -10 - 90°C
0 -70°C (fingerprint)
Connectors:   Host interface: RJ45
Industry standard pluggable connectors for other interfaces.
Enclosure:  Epoxy coated high carbon content steel
Mounting:   Separate mounting plate with rear cable entry.