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FireFly Portable Terminal

The FireFly Portable Terminal is a stand-alone solution to Access Control and employee Time Management. The FireFly Portable Terminal is a mobile solution which allows card and biometric validation for reporting and parameter enforcement purposes in remote areas where power and communications are non-existent.




FireFly Portable TerminalFeatures:

  • Compact complete Firefly System
  • Robust design
  • Battery voltage indicator
  • Large memory capacity for up to 65,000 offline transaction events
  • Messaging display
  • Audible acceptance and rejection speaker
  • Robust connection socket
  • TCP/IP connection for transaction download and configuration upload
  • Protective IP 30 splash proof case with charging outlet
  • LED credential status indicators
  • Supplied with portable charger
  • On board software and parameter enforcement
  • Links to multiple user Server Systems over TCP/IP.
  • Access control verification
  • Employee Time Management reporting
  • Built in automatic power off feature for battery optimisation
  • Connected for automatic download of data to host server
  • Data export to Excel
  • Simplistic user operation
  • Extended security and safety control reach
  • Allows a single portable reader to perform card verification across multiple pre-defined zones.
  • Provides the ability to do spot checks on a set group of people in a defined area
  • Up to 21,000 card ID’s can be held in the reader’s database
  • Expiry enforcement
  • Stop messaging
  • Employee Parading
  • Optional state of the art fingerprint verification build


FireFly Portable Terminal Industry Application

  • Mobile device for random checks within predefined zones.
  • Company Functions
  • Remote Sites
  • Temporary Entrances
  • Busses/transport
  • Drop Off Zones
  • Construction Sites
  • Multi-site tracking
  • Emergency checks and clearances
  • Time Management and Access Control
  • Power Outages

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FireFly Portable Stand is a mobile solution, allowing for full system functionality in remote areast.