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FireFly Master Server

The FireFly Master Server completes the range of solid state, nonstop and environmentally hardened Web Servers and controllers.

The FireFly Server family is designed to run people management systems on a continuous basis and delivering the promise - Business rules are always executed under all conditions.

PWeb Server


The modern solid state FireFly Master server is the latest addition of an exceptionally successful family of maintenance free continuous systems. Its modern state of the art design promises a long and successful product life cycle.

  • The FireFly Master Server is an integral component of the FireFly system. It integrates seamlessly with the FireFly Web Servers.
  • It has been designed to operate at the front end in harsh environmental conditions. It features:
    • Built in power management.
    • Large capacity battery reserve. It will run independently up to 72 hours when the mains power is removed.
    • An integral display and indicators show the condition of the system:
      • The status of the processing unit.
      • The state of the battery reserve. 
      • The expected life of the battery reserve should power fail.
      • Alarm conditions including mains failure and low reserve.


  • Alarm conditions may optionally be broadcasted using strobe lights and audible alarms.
  • Shuts down the processing unit orderly when the battery reserve is exhausted.
  • The high capacity battery is completely maintenance free. Sealed gel construction safeguards against spillage, injury and corrosion.
  • The solid state processing unit features:
  • No mechanical parts. The absence of fans eliminates dust build up, overheating and regular service.
  • Large capacity memory. A minimum of 40 gigabyte solid state memory meets all the operational data storage requirements.
  • State of the art industry compatible processor and peripherals ensure an open ended future.
  • Industrial strength and mission critical operating system provides:
    • Continuous operation under all conditions.
    • A defined running environment that is tamper and virus free.
    • Hosts a state of the art software development and maintenance environment – changes to incorporate new requirements can easily be accommodated.
  • Network protection guards against induced spikes and transients.
  • Housed in a rugged and heavy duty enclosure for deployment close to the action and eliminating long network cable runs.

The FireFly Master Controller has the following Stability and Recovery Features:

  • Built in Battery backup.  (up to 72 hours standby)
  • Status display of Battery status and mains supply status.
  • Status display of internal TCP/IP Network.
  • Status display of External TCP/IP Network.  (Displays an Error message if the Client’s network cannot be seen)
  • Automatic hourly backup of all data to a secondary data storage device.
  • Daily automatic backup of all data.
  • Can be configured to copy a data backup to a network storage device, for off-site backups.
  • Ability to Backup and store individual Firefly Controllers data and configurations internally.
  • Ability to restore individual Firefly Controllers data and configurations.
  • Allows any Data backups and Controller backups to be retrieved by an authorized user and saved at a location of the users choice.
  • Optional Firefly Consolidator or Distributer built in functionality.

The FireFly Master Server was designed to be an integral member of the FireFly Web Server family.

  • Integrates seamlessly with all Web Server components – FamilyCircle, Distributer, Consolidator and Application Web Servers i.e. Kit control.
  • Family feature synchronized – Incorporates the latest features and development.
  • Integrated Web enabled design. The FireFly system is completely web based in order to be a low maintenance, tamper free and continuous running system. Data manipulation is domiciled in the Web Servers. Data is not transferred to workstations for updating purposes. Keeping information inside the system eliminates contamination and corruption. 

The FireFly system is a unique industry leader that provides backup at all levels. It does not have a scaled down offline mode. It safeguards your personnel business ensuring that all business rules are applied at all times.