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FireFly Lumidigm


The General Systems Solutions
incorporated the world leading Lumidigm Venus multi-spectral optical fingerprint sensor into the FireFly product range. Venus is the most advanced fingerprint sensor on the market. Venus sensors elevate biometrics recognition from limited use to universal acceptance.




A “hidden” image of a fingerprint exists below the surface of the skin. The multi-spectral sensor reads the sub surface image and combines it with the outer image to construct the minutiae matrix used for automated matching. This technology yields a perfect print even when surface prints barely exist. Venus is a US government sponsored development. This development delivered the most successful fingerprint recognition system that always works in real world conditions.

The real world conditions wherein Lumidigm multi-spectral optical sensors excel are:

  • Rough
    Dusty, humid, hot, cold, bright sunlight or dark conditions no longer present a problem. The IP65 encapsulated sensors operate maintenance free under all environmental conditions.

  • Harsh environments
    The FireFly Lumidigm fingerprint reader services all types of industries. It is the ideal solution for mining, construction, manufacturing and office applications.

  • Dry
    Dry skin conditions are major obstacles for all fingerprint sensors. The dryness problem is resolved as the Lumidigm sensor reads below the visible layers of the skin.

  • Wet
    The Lumidigm sensor will work perfectly with wet fingers.

  • As you are
    It is not necessary to wash before presenting your finger. It will read through most dirt or even when the finger is covered with Vaseline or when wearing Latex gloves.

  • Place as you wish
    The Venus sensor will identify a finger when placed in any position on the sensor surface, including the upside down position.

  • Real world quality


Lumidigm technology is proven throughout the world. Lumidigm provides the access control to the Disney theme parks. It was chosen by Disney for the ease of registration, consistency, reliability, unobtrusive operation and user (public) acceptance. More than 40 million unique fingerprint templates have been registered at Disney. Venus was benchmarked against some of the most common fingerprint systems, including Sagem.  The results show a quantum improvement over all other sensors. Visit www.lumidigm.com to obtain more information.


The FireFly integration of the Lumidigm sensor features many advantages:

  • Fully compatible with the existing FireFly architecture. It operates identical to the FireFly Upek solid state fingerprint reader.
  • The steel enclosure is designed for harsh environments.
  • Supervised enrolment at any reader. No special software, equipment, licences or dongles required.
  • Two finger enrolments provide back-up and an alternate choice.
  • The FireFly implementation provides for the utmost flexibility. Selected users and visitors may be excluded from biometrics verification on an individual basis.
  • The biometrics templates are stored in the FireFly Web Servers as integrated data elements. Existing identification cards are retained. No additional IP network connectivity is required to broadcast the templates to the readers.
  • The templates conform to the ANSI 378 standard. This means that templates can be shared by other fingerprint devices including those incorporated into the keyboards of computers. The US government legislates that all fingerprint devices must be 378 compliant when used for governmental applications.