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FireFly Integrated Web-Based Mining Solution

The brand new Firefly range of Time and Access products includes one of the most advanced functionality available. Reliability, customisation and affordability are key components for allowing successful implementations at clients.

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FireFly Integrated Solution
FireFly Business System
FireFly Time Application

CIS (Customer Info System)

CIS is a media display system that allows complete flexibility for the way media and data is displayed.

MTS (Magic Tables System)

This system manages financials, player tracking and bonus features on tables in a casino.

FireFly Web-Based Mining Solution
The brand new Firefly range of Time and Access products includes one of the most advanced functionality available.



Empower is designed to bring extra efficiency to HR and Payroll service delivery.

Info Kiosk

View slots results, purchase draw tickets, view map and details.


Pro-Weigh is a weigh-bridge control system that interfaces to virtually any weighbridge equipment.


Firefly is an all-encompassing management solution that has the ability to operate fully in an off-line situation. Firefly boasts improved communication capabilities, constant power and network availability monitoring and is a web based solution which incorporates




  • The Monitoring Tool allows the system user to visually identify the status of all Controllers, Master Controllers, Schedulers, Databases and Readers comprising the FireFly network.


The FireFly System Solution encapsulates the latest technology in web based software. The primary goals of the FireFly Web based Solution are to improve system user functionality, reduce costs and to streamline systems and processes.

Benefits of the FireFly Web based System Solution:

  • Cross Platform Compatibility – The FireFly Web based Solution is far more compatible across various platforms. The minimum user requirement would be a browser.
  • Manageability - The FireFly System Solution need only be installed on the Firefly master Controller placing minimal requirements on the end user workstation. This makes maintaining and updating the system much simpler. Any updates can be deployed via the web server with ease.
  • Highly deployable – due to cross platform support and manageability deploying the application to the end user is much easier. This has added advantages where bandwidth is limited and the system and data is remote to the user. This allows the client to widen system access, streamline processes and allow more end user system access.
  • Secure Live Data – The FireFly System Solution consolidates processes reducing the need to move data. Firefly also provides an added layer of security by removing the need for the user to have access to the data and back end servers.
  • Reduced Costs – the FireFly Web Based Solution dramatically reduces client costs in terms of support, maintenance, lower requirements on the end user system and simplified architecture.
  • Eliminates Environmental conflicts – The FireFly System Solution is not dependent on any user hardware, OS settings or server restrictions.
  • Data Integrity – Pre-scheduled Backup ensures that the Firefly system solution can be restored.
  • User Access – The FireFly Web based Solution eliminates restrictions on the number of simultaneous system log-ins. Only one user may update a specific data field once access has been granted.

The modern advanced Web based design of the FireFly system opens up to the future and resolves current and future requirements. It is the only system of its kind that provides full web functionality down to the reader, door and turnstile level.

  • It is the industry recommended technology for all new systems.
  • Data is not manipulated and updated at a workstation in a browser environment. The workstation operates as a terminal. The integrity of data is maintained and is not dependent on workstation malfunctions, the loss of power during an update or an operator aborting.
  • Software versions are not distributed to, domiciled and maintained at workstations.
  • Browser access enhances support and assistance.
  • Information is available in the palm of the user’s hand. A simple query resolves:
  • What is the number of no shows for today?
  • Where can I find a replacement to meet production targets?
  • How many overtime hours was worked month to date?
  • What is the leave schedule for my team?
  • When are medical checks due?
  • Is the licence of the operator valid?


The Firefly solution is a complete and comprehensive access, time, attendance, safety, employee control and benefits solution for the mining and mineral industries.



The functions provided by the Firefly application include:

  • The capture of clock transactions generated by access and time management events
  • The checking and sequencing of users as they move through the access and clocking points
  • Determine the function i.e. time or access at a specific time at a designated terminal depending on the profile and previous sequences executed by the user
  • 64 Defined access areas
  • Stop a user from entering a place of work going on shift when required
  • Stop a user from exiting for communication or other reasons
  • Pre-warn a user of stops, expiry’s and parades pending
  • Display and scroll up to 4 parade type stop messages for on and off shift stops
  • Rapidly prints stops and parades on a slip printer when answered
  • Limits area access to authorized persons only
  • Controls access according to individual day and time schedules for shift and level control
  • Interface in real time to separate or Firefly controlled lamp and safety equipment systems
  • Controls the issue of rations and meals
  • Incorporates a (random) selection mechanism operating sophisticated entrapment devices i.e. special turnstiles and multi door cubicles
  • Provides for employee routing using different paths to same areas i.e. officials and union men
  • Provide for different time clock locations i.e. normally surface or office bound employees going underground. Time clocks become access clocks
  • A comprehensive range of badges and tokens are supported including industry compliant Mifare® Cards
  • Controls turnstiles, booths and other entrapment devices.
  • Interface directly with methane test and calibration equipment
  • Synchronizes events on up to 300 networked Web Servers
  • Strict use rid/password/function implementation with forced renewal of passwords at defined intervals.
  • Quick access to all information including system status, employee status, terminal and link statuses, etc.
  • Functions are provided to insert or delete parades, apply free movements, changes to the employee profile, visitor take on, badge exchanges, level and shift control, web enabled screen clocking and many more.
  • Audit transactions are written for all updates and changes
  • PDA and web enabled cell phone access
  • Various reports for interrogation purposes and quick problem resolution are provided in real time
  • Synchronizes data bases and drops obsolete records
  • Supports integrated fingerprint and geometry biometrics
  • High capacity - supports up to 65 000 users including biometrics templates
  • Supports different date and time zones
  • Allows for various types of document control
  • Allows for both bulk and individual parameter setup
  • Customised Badge printing and template management
  • Allows for Visitor control and management
  • Team and individual parameter setup and enquiry
  • Allows for Consumable issue and control
  • Multiple reports custom developed
  • Configured for automatically scheduling tasks and functions
  • Caters for unlimited shifts and shift patterns and rosters
  • Video Recording System Interface