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Integrated FireFly Solution

The FireFly system is the enterprise wide solution installed at Africa’s largest gold mining group; leading multi branch retail groups, distributed industrial manufacturing concerns; governmental campuses and office parks.

Secure your assets and personnel
  • Determines who is at work
  • where they are
  • what they are producing
  • and how much it costs

  • Our all-encompassing solution is fully integrated and scalable to suit businesses ranging from SMME’s to multinational corporations.
  • GSS offers an unique holistic networked integrated solution to time recording; access control and job costing.
  • The FireFly is an integrated hardware and software solution that features the latest advances in networked systems and integrated biometrics.
  • The FireFly system is used by large gold producers, base metal conglomerates, and numerous industrial and commercial enterprises.
  • Rugged design and built in redundancy ensures reliability in all environments.

  • INTEGRATED SOLUTION | Business System | Time Application



    The ruggedly designed FireFly system is manufactured for the African environment that requires durability and reliability. Only the best hardware and software components are integrated into the FireFly solution.

    • Distributed architecture ensures full redundancy.
    • Field proven applications software.
    • Uses IP infrastructure and therefore fits seamlessly into your network and applications environments.
    • The system will monitor itself and will tell you when things go wrong.
    • Full battery backup coupled with low voltage 12Vdc design ensures operation through power failures and ‘brown outs’.
    • Incorporates decades of industry knowledge that results in a tried an proven system solution that is easy to use and understand.
    • Modern web based architecture will ensure technology compliance for the future.


    GSS is known for our commitment; backup and quality support to our customers.
  • Extensive software, training, installation and support resources.
  • GSS provides full pre-sales consultancy; after sales support and service to our clients.
  • Our scalable solutions grow with your enterprise
  • Our enterprise wide solution accommodates multiple sites, multiple access, time recording and costing requirements as well as large work forces.
  • Integrated single source holistic solutions with multiple biometric and hardware permutations.