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FireFly Combo Reader

The FireFly Combo Reader online terminal is the user interface to the FireFly system.




The terminal features the following components:


A 2-line 16 character per line display with back light. Messages generated by the Web Server or user applications host are displayed.

 A 16 key heavy duty keypad.

  • 1 Million keystroke duty cycle.
  • Alpha numeric data entry.
  • 4 Function keys.
  • Character erase and line clear.
  • The keypad is used to:
    • Enter a user number;
    • Execute supervisor functions;
    • Query Web Server data;
    • Online host system enquire/update.
  • Red, Yellow and Green indicator lamps.
  • Buzzer.
  • Host RS422 serial communications channel.
  • RS232 serial interface channel used for bar code CCD scanners, slip printers, time output to external displays and user server programmed output to asynchronous devices.

Two badge/token interfaces attach:

  • HID card terminals;
  • Omega card terminals;
  • Wiegand compatible card terminals;
  • TTL level serial card terminals;
  • Mifare® card read/write interface;
  • Impro card terminals.

4 relay outputs

  • 2 High current FET's switched to GND.  Max voltage 30 Vdc and max current 2 amp. These outputs are used to operate turnstiles, magnetic and strike locks, audible alarms, programmed output, etc.
  • 2 Low current FET’s switched to GND. Max voltage 12Vdc and max current 0.1 amp. These outputs are used to switch relays, operate drop boxes and for programmed output etc.

Digital inputs and outputs

  • 3 general purpose sensors are available. These are usually used to monitor turnstile movement, sense if a door is closed; a card dropped, or serves as an input to a Web Server defined relay/sensor programme.
  • 2 sensors dedicated to voltage sensing and power management.


Integral fingerprint terminal

An integrated fingerprint terminal equipped with the advanced FIPS 201 certified Upek 500 DPI sensor is available as an option. The operation of the sensor is not impaired by sunlight or bright ambient lighting. The operating temperature range is 0-70°C.

  • The award winning Suprema fingerprint engine is used for processing, matching and template storage.
  • Identification (1:n) and/or verification (1:1) mode is supported. Identification mode supports up to 2 000 users.  The templates of 2 fingers are maintained.
  • The number of users that may be verified depends on the capacity of the Web Server. The maximum capacity is 44 000 users.
  • Initial template capture is done at the terminal.

The FireFly GC180 terminal operates online to a FireFly Web Server. It is programmed to perform the following functions:

  • Accumulates, edits and combines data obtained from various input sources. Data is transmitted to the Web Server on completion of input.
  • Processes and outputs data, commands and orders received from the Web Server or online host server.
  • The operation and sequencing of various access barriers are controlled by the GC180 terminal.

The list of barriers includes:

  • Uni-directional and bi-directional turnstiles equipped with 1 or 2 terminals;
  • 90° Locking turnstile equipped with a single terminal;
  • Doors;
  • Vehicle booms;
  • Gates.

The terminal performs general tasks that are controlled by a user defined sequencing programme or schedule.


These tasks include:

  • Switching lights and sirens;
  • Enunciate shift start and end times;
  • Process input signals from machines, motion detectors etc

Processes input from data collection bar code scanners. Prints statuses and reports on attached printers.

Power:  12Vdc  140 ma maximum.
Environment:  -10 - 90°C
0 -70°C (fingerprint)
Connectors:   Host interface: RJ45
Industry standard pluggable connectors for other interfaces.
Enclosure:  Epoxy coated high carbon content steel
Mounting:   Separate mounting plate with rear cable entry.