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FireFly Business System

The General Systems Solutions FireFly Business System helps to improve the effectiveness and management of your business. It is a tool that continuously controls, protects, collects data and reports on the important aspects of your business, namely: - efficiency, productivity, personnel safety and assets.


The FireFly solution ticks all the boxes in being your business companion of excellence.

Fully featured solution that grows with your enterprise from the start.

  • Start with a single time clock, add access control with turnstiles, add a shop floor terminal at production machines and integrate branches in other locations across towns, provinces and countries
  • As and when your business is ready it will integrate with your HR, Production or ERP systems as well as your payroll.
  • A system with an excellent track record

  • The FireFly system is used by large gold producers, base metal conglomerates, and numerous industrial and commercial enterprises
  • Full house packaged solution at a low price

  • All features are present in a small single terminal system. You do not pay more for facilities when you expand
  • Standard installation infrastructure. Uses industry standard cabling and connections

  • Always available and not dependant on any PC or server.

    Fully web and browser enabled, accessible from anywhere and with anything that browses the web.

    Helps manage your employees

  • Accurately records all clock punches - on/off and breaks
  • Maintains rosters, schedules and shifts
  • A message feature facilitates communication with employees
  • Records time and calculates money spend on every job
  • Records machine time and machine costs
  • Records idle and unproductive time
  • Employees may query time status and shift schedules at the terminal
  • The Web clock punch facility records the working hours of employees that are on the road
  • The Web Job clock punch facility records time spend on remote calls and customer support activities
  • Controls food, rations and other issues to employees
  • Enunciates shift start and end times, tea and lunch breaks
  • Protects the safety of your staff and assets

  • Integrated access control - not a separate system or database
  • Movement sequencing increase control and reduces the risk of skipping a barrier
  • Prompts video systems and imposes text on recorded frames
  • Stops employee access on expiry of permits and medical clearances
  • Protects unauthorised access for employee safety and asset protection purposes
  • Opens doors and turnstiles for evacuation on command or when triggered by the fire detection system
  • Processes and controls visitors
  • Report information in real time

  • Reports are requested and delivered through the web
  • Browse query results or import directly into Excel
  • Establish who is present, who is absent and where the person is
  • Retrieve a clock card listing giving hours worked and shift hours
  • Import into the Firefly Business Companion reporting tool to effect adjustments, calculate short time, overtime, time worked on special days
  • View time spend on jobs and unproductive idle time