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D-TECII Telemetry Controller

The D-TECII Telemetry Controller is a GSM, Cellular network based data acquisition unit.

When combined with our Web based “Remote Asset Management” utility, the system becomes a powerful “Real-Time” monitoring/controlling tool, to remotely view historical or “Real-Time” data from your asset, as well as functionality to update/control your asset remotely.

Product Code: DTECII_01

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  • The unit is programmable to support the customer’s requirements and has 2 modular serial interfaces that can be used for various different protocols.
  • USB port available for configuration via a PC or laptop running Windows – Software included
  • Standard SIM Card adaptor on board if SIM cards are preferred otherwise chip SIM on board available as an alternative
  • Stubby swivel antenna supplied with unit and longer range antennas available on request
  • Status LED for Connectivity status
  • Remote configuration and firmware updates are possible via the Web server
  • Dimensions: Height = 145mm, Width = 130mm, Depth = 30mm
  • Two modular ports available onboard which supports a wide range of available modules depending on customers’ requirements

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