On top of the Andes

Growth manifests itself in many ways:  In business it is usually synonymous with financial progression.  In modern terms it equates to evolution.

Businesses around the world are compelled to rapidly adapt to the fast-changing direct- and incidental effects of globalization and all its side-shoots.  Maintaining positive growth in such a fickle business environment is challenging and, at times, difficult to measure.  It’s almost as if all the long-standing business guidelines no longer one-hundred-percent applies to the current corporate arena.  Evolution is what is needed to move forward and stimulate growth.


Dev I.T. started its evolution five years ago by becoming more product focused and diversifying its core business areas and markets.  The process required realigning itself vertically in its competitive markets while focussing on the development of products.  Exposure to international markets and way of thinking further stimulated the evolutionary process.

Monticello Grand Casino – San Francisco de Mostazal


A spin-off of this strategy was the establishment of a presence in Latin America just over a year ago.  Chile was identified as a first-rate base for operation due to its remarkable growth and progressive economic strategies.  This is a country that is busy with its own evolutionary transformation.

The focus products identified for the Latin American market include:

  • The FireFly Time and Attendance and Access control suite of products used by customers such as Harmony Gold and Northam Platinum.
  • CIS – a Multi-function Media casting system with over a thousand licences implemented in 9 countries worldwide.
  • The D-Tech telemetry solution – A new product that allows the remote monitoring and control of equipment such as fridges, weighbridges, reservoirs and more.

There are also plans to move some of the manufacturing to Chile to further stimulate the local economy.   



Dev I.T. will continue to do what it does best: Develop and produce superior quality products and supply service with excellence to all its customers worldwide.




Heading up the Chilean division is Mr Gonzalo Rueda.  Having delivered essential assistance during a project at Monticello Grand Casino near Santiago, Dev I.T. recognized his potential and approached him to head up a team to do market research for a select range of products in Latin America. 

A small team was given elementary training on the full range of Dev I.T. products in South Africa. 

During the course of the next year Mr Rueda proved himself an invaluable partner in Dev I.T.’s business strategy and has laid a solid foundation for the company to further expand into the Latin American market.  His tenacious approach to this project has been exemplary and inspirational.