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Z-Tech Quarter Lock Turnstile
Cooke Shafts, Randfontein
Dev InfoTec (Dev I.T.) and General Systems Solutions (GSS) have launched a high security turnstile. The FireFly Z-Tech Quarter Lock Turnstile is designed to minimise and even eliminate illegal mining activity.

This new design encapsulates necessary improvements on contemporary turnstile design.  The FireFly Z-Tech Quarter Lock Turnstile boasts improved asset protection and work flow management.  The new design drastically reduces penetration through control circumvention and enhanced operational functionality.  A 45-degree locking concept with optimal restrictor bar placement reduces the spacing diameters between moving parts to an absolute minimum.

The new design coupled with Dev I.T.’s latest technology in biometrics, makes this an exceptional solution to workflow management and access control.  The Firefly Z-Tech Turnstile includes the most state-of-the-art in fingerprint sensor technology as the control core.  The fingerprint scanner reads a “hidden” image of a fingerprint below the surface of the skin. The multi-spectral sensor reads the sub-surface image and combines it with the outer image to construct the minutiae matrix used for automated matching.  This technology yields a perfect print even when surface prints barely exist or when the finger is covered in grease and dirt.  The Venus reader originally developed for US government use, always works in real world conditions and delivers the most successful fingerprint recognition system to date.

The new design has recently been implemented as a solution to curb the ever increasing illegal underground mining predicament at the Cooke Shafts in Randfontein. Gold One’s SHRO Systems manager Randfontein, has labelled the FireFly Z-Tech Quarter Lock Turnstile as a “Control necessity”.

For more information contact Dev I.T. on
+27 11 024-1702

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Fingerprint reader

FireFly Z-Tech Quarter Lock Turnstile resolves all the inherent security issues common to conventional turnstiles and access cubicles.
Firefly Reader Terminal controls the operation of the turnstile as well as all biometrics, card reading and keypad operations.

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