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Dev InfoTec (Dev I.T.) is a South African based company which develops, maintains and supports custom software solutions for clients across a variety of industries. 

Dev I.T. was formed in 2001 and has shown year-on-year fiscal growth over the past 11 years.  Their client base has shown substantially growth across medium and large enterprises. 

In 2004, 2007 and again in 2010, Dev I.T. was awarded the Star 3 Grade for Customer Service by the Services SETA – a notable achievement.


Dev I.T. is in a unique position to provide its customers with the benefit of cross-industry insight. Some of the industries in which Dev I.T. have become entrenched include:

  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • Access Control
  • Time and Attendance
  • Human Resources Management
  • Payroll Management

Dev I.T. have expanded its client base both within and beyond the borders of South Africa into Europe and South America, albeit that the business is still firmly rooted in South Africa. 

The advantage of this is the elimination of Rand/Dollar or Rand/Euro fluctuations from a software licensing, development and support perspective. There is local support for the product, which eliminates time zone barriers and ensures faster turnaround times on incident resolution.


In the Casino Industry Dev I.T. has established itself over the past 11 years as a reliable non-gaming service provider and partner.  With in-depth knowledge of the industry, be it slots, tables or promotions, Dev I.T. has developed a range of products to enhance the customer experience.  These include our tables management system (MTS), tables and slots display system (CIS) and promotional tool (Promotions Executive).  Dev I.T. has also done large integration projects between commonly used systems in the casino industry.


The FireFly system is the enterprise wide solution for Africa’s largest gold mining group; leading multi branch retail groups, distributed industrial manufacturing concerns; governmental campuses and office parks.

Our all-encompassing solution is fully integrated and scalable to suit businesses ranging from SMME’s to multinational corporations.

We offer a unique holistic networked integrated solution to time recording; access control and job costing.

The FireFly is a integrated hardware and software solution that features the latest advances in networked systems and the best of breed industry leading identification and integrated biometrics.

Rugged design and built in redundancy provide reliability in all environments.